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Le Pacte
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In the year 2002, around August, we got together for the first time. The lead guitarist (Luis) and the singer (Zuriel) were already together. The new members were the drummer (Rafael) and the Bass (George). We have accomplished to get 11 Original songs down in 6 months since we got together with obstacles of some of us couldnt make practice sometimes, but at the end we ended doing our work, and when it came down to rehearsing we all did our job. A little after six months the Bass player had to leave the band for personal reasons. We had been looking for a new bass player for a while, but in the mean time we were working on new material, we have 10 new songs that we are still working on, and we feel these are also great songs.

We never did find a new bass player so we all decided that the singer would play bass, which he feels comfortable doing this. We have started rehearsing the old original songs that we have, and some cover songs to get going. We are ready to explode with our material.


Our goal is to make great music, and that the whole world will enjoy it as well as we do. We play alternative, with a unique style, and try to make our music not simple but different.  All three of us have been playing for a while, even though we're young we have a range between 8 to 10 years experience.

We plan for the year 2004 to have a professional recorded CD and be playing as much as possible out there.


Zuriel : lead singer and now bass player.  Plays rhythm guitar, has experience on the guitar for about 8 yrs, and the Bass he has been playing it for not very long, but he's a great musician it's like he's been playing bass for ever.


Luis :  Lead Guitar. Sings back up and some lead vocals. He has been playing for about 10 years, very experienced and with lots of ideas in music.


Rafael : Drummer. Sings back up. He has been playing for about 10 yrs, likes to play hard, he's always trying to find a different beat that hasnt been done, some complicated.


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